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Questions and answers to common questions

When is check-in/check-out?

Normally we have check-in at 4 pm at the earliest and check-out at 11 am If you choose to clean yourself, check-out can take place as late as 12 noon During high season, i.e. 15/6-15/8, these times are fixed. Outside of these dates, it is fine to agree on other times.

How do I get the key?

Each apartment has a key box with a code lock. By agreement, the key is left in it, and an email with the code is sent to the person checking in. The key can also be left there when checking out.


Why isn't the bed made when I arrive?

Normally, we provide as many bedding sets as there are booked guests. Often, the apartments are not fully booked, and it is difficult for us to know where our guests want to sleep. Therefore, we let our guests make the beds themselves.

We have ordered the final cleaning. What is included and what do we have to do ourselves?

If you have ordered the final cleaning, you can simply say that everything is included except for the dishes. Regardless of the cleaning situation, we let the guests take care of the dishes themselves.

Can I charge my electric car with you?

Currently we can´t offer that. 

I want to bring my dog/cat with me. Is that okay?

The answer is yes. It is perfectly fine to bring pets. We charge an additional 150 SEK per pet per stay.

Our friends are visiting with their motorhome. Can they get power somewhere?

They are welcome, and they can take power from an outlet on the garage. The cost for a motorhome, including electricity, is 200 SEK per night.

I want to leave my luggage on the last day and pick it up after check-out. Is there a luggage storage room?

We can't always offer this service, but we usually strive to help as much as possible. Our high season is June, July, and August. Generally, we are unfortunately least flexible during these months as we have a lot to do and limited extra spaces to work with. Outside of these times, it is usually not a problem.