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I the vicinity

In the vicinity of Hagbards By, there is plenty to find for both the elderly and the young.
Below are some listed with links, but there is much more. Much more...

Just a couple of hundred meters from Hagbards By you will find Hagbards Galge. 4 Bautasten where, according to legend, the Viking Hagbard lost his life because of his love for Signe. The stones are of course the inspiration for the name Hagbards By. Read more about the exciting story of Hagbard and Signe here

5 minutes to the east, you can easily take a refreshing bath in Lake Nyhagasjön. You can read more about Lake Nyhagasjön and about other bathing spots in Falkenber here.

5 minutes to the northeast you will find Eddy Lou Ranch. Here you can book private riding lessons or go on a ride. If you like the horse, you can probably also buy it. Read more here. 

A little over a kilometer in an easterly direction passes the very well-known hiking trail Hallandsleden. Read more här.

8 minutes to the west you will find the wonderfully picturesque Solhaga stone oven bakery. There, wonderful bread is baked on sourdough and wonderful pastries are served in the garden. Read more här.

5 minutes south, you can buy the meat you put on the grill with advantage. Gudmundsgården's farm charketuri is famous. Read more här

5 minutes west and you will find Slöinge's large glass factory SIA ice. Book a circular tour or eat your fill of wonderfully good ice cream. Read more här.

Down in Slöinge, about 5 minutes to the west, you will find Äppelgården's Café and Musteri open in summer. Have a coffee in wonderful summer surroundings and buy some must. Read more här.

5 minutes to the west you will find the Berte Museum. Here you can learn about life in the country in different times. Read more här.

Falkenberg's pantry is a whole bunch of local producers, charcuterie, restaurants, etc. that you can advantageously spend several days visiting. You can read about where you find them här

15 minutes west you will find Skrea Matbruk. Here you will find a lot in the way of food. Among other things, home-made pasta and pizzas in the Italian way. Read more här.

Just 20 minutes away you will find Skrea beach. Undoubtedly one of Sweden's finest sandy beaches. Read more här

35 minutes to the northeast you will find the famous department store Gekås in Ullared. Read more here.

Hagbards By välkomnar till boende och upplevelser mitt i naturen. Nära till stränder, shopping, skog och natur.

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