logga övergripande

Thank you for choosing to stay with us at Hagbards By. We hope you have or will have a wonderful stay with us. To ensure that you, as a guest, have the best possible experience, here is some information on what applies to most things.

Food Shopping

Because were situated quite far out on the countryside it can be a smart thing to do your shopping before you arrive. 

Here are a couple of links on where you can most easily buy your food nearby.

If you're coming from the south and want to shop a little bigger before you arrive, stop by here

If you're arriving from the north and want to shop a little bigger before you arrive, stop here

The nearest slightly smaller grocery store can be found here or here (The first link is better)

You can find the nearest pizzeria here and their menu here

You can buy the meat for the grill with advantage here​​​​​​​


We have free parking. In some cases, the car park becomes full. In these cases, it is fine to park along the edge in front of the garage. It is forbidden to drive the car into the apartments without first asking the staff for permission.

Check-in & Check-out

Hagbards By is partially staffed throughout the year. This means that we are not always on site. You will find the key in a key cabinet next to the door to your apartment. You will receive the code for the key locker in a welcome email about a week before arrival.

Check-in is flexible (after 4 p.m.) as you collect the key yourself from a key cabinet, but the apartment will be available to guests no later than 4 p.m. on the day of arrival. We have a habit of sending out a message as soon as the apartment is cleaned and prepared for arrival. This means that in some cases you will get access to your apartment earlier than 4 pm. During high season, i.e. 15 June to 15 August, check-out takes place no later than 11 am. During other times, later check-out can take place by agreement.


Payment takes place on arrival or by agreement. For Swedish guests we prefer swish but we also take cards. For foreign guests we prefer cards. If you as a guest wish to pay in advance, it is fine to ask for an invoice. However, this must be paid before arrival.

Bed Linens and Towels

Upon arrival, you will find bedclothes and towels in your apartment for the number of people you specified in your booking. The booking includes: A sheet, a duvet cover, a pillowcase, a small towel and a large towel. Except for very long bookings (over 5 days) we do not exchange towels. This is done on request.

If you have chosen to clean yourself, you leave bed linen and towels in a neat pile inside the door. We'll take care of it after you check out. If you have ordered final cleaning, you can leave sinks and towels where they are.


We expect you to have washed the dishes and left the kitchen in order. Dishwashing is not included in the final cleaning, so this applies whether you have ordered the final cleaning or not.

Waste Management

We think about the environment and apply waste sorting. Behind the garage you will find the various containers for Glass, Cardboard, Plastic, Metal, Food scraps and household waste. Inside the apartments, you throw food scraps into the brown paper bags you find under the kitchen counter and you throw household rubbish into the plastic bag. You sort cardboard, glass, metal and plastic packaging behind the garage in a gray and a blue bin. It is fine to mix these. Please do not throw soft plastic or paper into these containers. (beer cans are sorted as metal. deposit bottles as plastic)
Please do not throw things in the big green bin without it being in a plastic bag.


Each apartment has its own barbecue. Charcoal can be bought by staff if we are on site. Cost SEK 75/occasion. It is of course fine to buy your own charcoal and lighter fluid.
Leave the grill as you found it. It must be emptied of coal (empty remaining coal into a silver steel dustbin behind the garage) and the grate must be brushed.


Each apartment has a small patio at its disposal. Out on the balcony, there are tables and chairs that you are more than welcome to use provided that the barbecue house is not rented out. Here, first come, first serve applies. If the barbecue house is rented out, there is a note about it on the glass. You can find cusions for the chairs in the grill house. Note! These must be put back after use.


In the glass house/grill house, there are some toys and garden games that guests are welcome to use. Use is at your own risk and the toy must be put back after use.


Out in the garden there is an old playground. Use of this is at your own risk.
The wood in the playground is worn and there is a warning for wood chips.


We have a WiFi network called Hagbardguest. The password is Hagbardsby.

For those who have chosen to clean themselves

We ask you to be very careful with this. You will find cleaning supplies in a cupboard in the kitchen, as well as a vacuum cleaner and mop under the stairs. In the cleaning bucket, there is a checklist of what needs to be done. When you are finished, take a couple of pictures in each room, write down which apartment it concerns, and send them to 0709427381.